Domestic groundwork for homeowners provides us with some great creative challenges and the chance to offer a highly personalised service making up almost half of our business.

We try to offer a complete groundworks service that supports customers through planning and designing their work to perfectly fit into the space around your home and help you select the best materials and options. Only when you’re completely happy with the ideas we project manage the actual work ensuring our team work safely and deliver you great quality workmanship that lasts for years.

Some typical home groundworks services we carry out include;

Foundations excavated and concreted
Whether it’s a new shed, garden building or garage for the car we help you work out all the measurements, fully prepare and level the ground then lay clean and level foundations ready to be worked on.


From simple, hard wearing tarmac to park the car on to decorative block paving sweeping through a large front garden, we help you choose a design that compliments your house and build to exceptional quality standards.

Extensions and housebuilding
In recent years we’ve built an experienced team of housebuilders and carried out numerous new builds tying in our expert groundworks services. From clearing the land to wiring utilities and the final interior painting we can guide you through the experience of building your own house!

Our team is genuinely very happy to work on projects of any size with the same attention to customer satisfaction and attention to detail as on a huge commercial project; good word of mouth means everything to our company and we go out of our way to get it!

Contact us today for a free estimate and quotation on your need for groundworks and let us explain the way we’d get a result that will last and that you will love.


  • Expert work from a qualified team
  • The highest quality standards and finish
  • Established health and safety policy
  • Widest range of groundworks services and options
  • Domestic and commercial customers